Yenka Circuits

These circuits are basic series circuits. The two yellows things are LED lights and the green and white things are buzzers. There is also a battery and a switch. When turned on the LED will light and the buzzer will make a noise. This is what the back of our steady hand games will look like. 

My Multiple Intelligence Survey

Today in I-learn we did a multiple intelligence survey and found out i’m musical. here are my top 3 Intelligence’s:



Kinaesthetic, Interpersonal, Naturalistic and Visual/spatial- 10

I never would of thought I would be music smart! I play the clarinet and a bit of guitar. I like listening to music on my iPod.

I agree with Linguistic and the 4 draws in third. In year 6 I did one of these tests and i was Kinaesthetic. I wonder why I changed?


“Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.”

Option 3: Think about a time in your Easter Holidays. Recount an experience where really were “yourself” and allowed everyone else to be themselves.

During the Easter Holidays I had a sleepover at Bec’s house with Lolita, Nicola and Kate. We all had a really fun time and we all were able to be our crazy selves. First we went to the Port Fairy Pool with the inflatables! It was so funny watching everyone trying to run across the inflatables. We all tried to run, jump and crawl across it.  A few times we went in 2s across it!

When we got back to Bec’s house we went on the motorbike. We all went on it together and went around in the paddock. We all got to have a drive of it and Bec taught Nicola to drive, (which was very funny to watch).

We also danced to ABBA songs and movied them. Kate did our hair while we watched movies (she is really good at doing hair) and stayed up till around 3am. In the morning we watched another movie and then went to the Yambuk Slide. We all went down together and we squished Nicola many times. After a while a bus turned up but they didn’t come on the slide. I was having heaps of fun and I didn’t want to leave! Bec, Kate, Lolita and Nicola are just as silly as me. They let me be myself and I let them be them self.

Learning Goals

1) School: I will remember to bring (and finish) my homework on time.

2) Home: I will do my homework at an appropriate  time (not just before  I go to bed).

3) Laptop: I will not do anything that I am not allowed to do at home at school.